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New Guy Needs Help With Omnibot 2000 Treads

HI Guys, Im new to the forum, Ive been searching for information on working on my Omnibot 2000 and I found most of the info searching this site... But now that I got it running, all the treads fell off the wheels. Is there anyone out there that can tell me who to try and contact for treads, or if theres an easy way to remake them? It seems like most methods require a 3d printer or vacuum chamber which I dont own. So really any advice would be appreciated..

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I am currently looking for some as well, there were a couple members here that were making them, but I have not found any currently offering. I also contacted Josh @jstarne1 as I think he might have been the most recent to be making them and am waiting to see if he is printing them also.

There is a file available where you could print one, but this one seems too rough...I have seen a better one, but need to find the link...

Here is the smooth tread vesion he also made...

good thread here also...

A thread on custom mold making, I don't have a good specimen though:(


You can make threads from rubber floor mats,cut into strits and super glue them together


That's actually the same thing I did. I contacted practically everyone who ever produced one. Unfortunately my treads are completely worthless and resemble a pile of wood chips.

What kind of rubber floor mats? Like for a car or the household ones.


ubergeek those actually look pretty good, that may work. The other Idea I had was going to a place that sells RC Monster trucks and looking for a wide set of tires and cutting those into strips, so they're at least like a soft grippy rubber.

I may just have to take a cad class so I can design exact Omnibot replacement tires. Then the trick is finding someone to print the file...


@Aprules2 I'm planning on getting a 3d printer sometime soon, so maybe we could collaborate and get the rest of our projects together in the meantime:)


I want to try the files I found, can anyone reccomend an affordable 3d printing company that can print it in rubber or something similar, affordably?


Hey guys , yes I can make them if you really want the original replica part but they can be printed from ninja flex filament on a 3d printer as well!


Thanks @jstarne1 I saw that re: ninjaflex....I wouldn't mind just getting some printed, but I have not yet invested in a printer (looking at this one I should take the leap now? I guess if i didn't i could find some place to print the file...

this place is the first ive looked at, pricey and no ninjaflex per se

do you have a file other than the two i posted above?

I want to also print the servo neck plate for neck gear replacement with servo