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New And Frustrated

I am brand new to electronics and just received my developers kit with hopes of being able to use ez robot as others have to control parts of my lifesize r2 d2.

As I am going thru tutorials, I find that most of them are geared towards people that have purchased full robot kits.

Hence, relatively simple tasks such as plugging in a servo and controlling it, I am struggling with.

What got me most frustrated today was trying to install the ez robot ap on my iPhone. I downloaded the ap but it demands that I enter credentials and set up an account. However, the input screen will not allow me to enter my country. So I complete all the other info in the appropriate boxes, but because I can't enter my country, my account is not set up and I can't use the ap?


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Have you tried logging in to the app using your Forum login?

Also - there are a number of R2 builders here. Once you get familiar with the ARC software, I'm sure they'll be able to point you in the right direction.:)


Hi! You don't enter a country when creating an account with mobile. Instead, it is a drop down selection. See screenshot below.

Simply click (touch) the country black empty box and a list of countries will be displayed in a popup for your specific mobile os version.

User-inserted image


As for controlling a servo or using the software, it's very easy and the learn section is your friend. Simply click on the word Learn from the top menu of this website and locate the product you would like to learn with.

Here is a direct link to the servo help for the developer kit product in the learn section:

There are question marks on controls in the software. We have put so many question marks and assistance links into the software that you may have accidentally overlooked them:).


Thank you, I will keep at it. The ap on my phone for whatever reason is not creating a drop down menu. I will keep playing with it. These issues are now considered resolved. Thanks again.


Interesting regarding the app not showing a drop down. What version phone do you have. And what version is the operating system? If it's android, there isn't much we can do because there's soooo many remixes of their os on thousands of different phone models. Least I can do is take a look for ya

Also remember that you can use this forum to ask direct questions. People are willing to respond if a direct question is asked about how to do something:)