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I'm using a Nerf Stryfe for my bot. I'm attaching it to one of the arms.


Oh your Doombot? Great! Do you have pictures yet?


Yep. No pics yet, still building panels and pieces here and there.


Are we starting a Robot vs Robot Zombie platform ?:):)


I've actually started building my sentry bot. He has an airsoft machine gun, paintball gun (full auto), pepper spray gun, and I just picked up 6 estes rockets (3 on each side). I am currently working on the drive section and will post pics when I get to a good build stage. I had the mech warrior bot with Nerf cannon and airsoft gun, but have since stripped him for this new build.


Holy cow Bret!


Yup! Rob me once shame on you, Rob me twice and feel the wrath of a robot!


I think you forgot a cattle prod and hot poker! lol


@bret.tallent I posted this link in a discussion some time ago, but if you are going to use a paintball gun to ward off burglars, you might as well use paint they won't be able to wash off so when your robot emails you pictures, and you call the cops, they'll be able to positively identify the perpetrators:




Hey Brett, in true Yankee style why don't you load 'm up with a 50cal:P That should keep the rift raft at bay...;)


@Richard R, although not listed in the forum etiquette rules, we have been asked by EZ-Robotics to not discuss arming robots with actual weapons. Nerf guns, airsoft, and paintball are fair game, but actual deadly force is frowned upon.... Just saying.



I think we're ok. Anyone can see it was all in jest.


Agreed, just didn't want Richard R to get in trouble over an unwritten rule (it was mentioned in the forum in a very old thread), in fact, the same one where I previously mentioned the permanent marking paint balls.



Back in Nov 2011, DJ didnt seem to mind to merit a warning on this thread.

@EZ-Robot staff, can someone eloborate on the unwritten rule or if neccessary update the etiquette rules for our edification? Nobody wants to be on your bad side.:D