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Until the NeoPixel Bits become available...


...what is the preferred stand-in LED that has the kind of connection that fits into the EZ-B controller?  The Robie Sr. I've acquired has a single LED in his mouth that DEMANDS it flash as it speaks, but it and the light bulbs in his eyes wouldn't fit the controller properly.

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RGB LEDs would work well too, you'll just need to use 3 digital ports for each LED.
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Oh, and RGB would require a common +3.3v (get from ADC port) and the digital port would GROUND (low) to turn it on, and HIGH to turn it off. Opposite of how the regular LED would work. A regular LED would be powered off the signal pin of the EZ-B digital port.
Depends if you get a common anode (CA) or common cathode (CC). DJ is describing a CA type but with a CC type all you need is 3 digital ports (high signal) + GND.
I just followed DJ's Tutorial Link from above and quickly did the T 800 eyes mod by speeding up a few numbers for the pulse effect,Now it looks like when Terminator gets crushed by a large weight in the movie and the eyes flicker. Now if I can unfreeze the chromed jaw I want to try the talk servo and get it to talk with those eyes like that.