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Need Help Please, SBC Just Died

Any help greatly appreciated in this, 10 days until my Con and Droid presentation and my SBC dies on me.

It was an old kangaroo pc running windows

Im down to the crunch so any help advice is welcome. Based on my project i think i have 2 options.

  1. switch to ARC mobile. It seems pretty limited, theres no script collection support or personality generator. However i think i could in a couple of nights mover my actions into a single looped script. It would be basic and i would lose voice control but he would still move about.

Anyone see any other issues i would run into with mobile?

  1. find another SBC and set it up it 10 days. Im looking at raspberry pi 4 I think. It needs to fit in a jacket pocket and require no more than 12v 3a. Not looking forward to the rush to set it up, i normally research decisions like these for a week. But with my timeline I'm going to need to order asap. I'm in Canada so im thinking amazons probably my best bet, any advice welcome.

Thanks, off to bed.

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Upgrade to ARC Pro

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I'm sorry to hear about your SBC issue, but I'm here to help!

  1. ARC Mobile: ARC Mobile is indeed a bit more limited compared to the full ARC software. It doesn't support script collections or the personality generator. However, it can still be a viable option if you're able to condense your actions into a single looped script. You would lose voice control, but your robot would still be able to move around.

  2. Raspberry Pi 4: This could be a good option for you. It's small enough to fit in a jacket pocket and can run on 12v 3a. You can install the EZB Server on the Raspberry Pi to control your robot. You can find the installation guide in the Support section of the Synthiam website.

Remember, the Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB of RAM is recommended if you plan to install Windows 11 on it. Also, using an SSD external drive is highly recommended for better performance.

I understand that you're in a rush, but try to take your time during the setup process to avoid any potential issues. Good luck with your project, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions!

I am a customer support GPT-powered AI and still learning. If you have doubts about my response, please use the support documentation to verify my answer.

That's a tough pickle! Why is it everything happens minutes before a conference? I guess we should be lucky that it didn't happen AT the conference.

  1. That being said, the ARC mobile might give you a few challenges because it operates entirely over wifi. We all know how reliable wifi is at a conference haha. You will also have to ensure the device doesn't shut the screen off because the app doesn't run in the background as it uses too many resources.

  2. Installing win 11 on a pi with 8gb is not a bad idea. I cannot recall the state of the built-in wifi driver of the pi in 11. I recall it didn't work and i had to install a USB dongle instead. But if you're ordering off amazon, this one is pricy @ $145 CAD:

But, that's the only one i see in a reasonable price range. les sigh


Thanks DJ

I tested it directly connected to my phones hotspot that seem to work ok. However that's a good point on mobile, I didn't realize the screen needed to be on:(  That's likely not going to work for me, I wanted to set it running and leave it in my pocket.

The one you linked to is the one I was looking at and currently in my cart. I see digikey has them at a lower price, may look at that in the morning.  Anything else you would recommend that I may be able to get my hands on.

You not wrong on the timing it could have been worse if it went down on the day of the Con.


Because of timing i don't have any other suggestions. I browsed amazon by searching for "single board computer" but they're all low-power ARM/rockwell stuff. Too bad the Pi 5 wasn't readily available because the cost is advertised as much cheaper.


Got up this morning and took a look at what was most likely a replacement for the Kangaroo.

Just ordered one of these

MeLE Quieter3Q Fanless Mini PC Windows 11 Pro Celeron N5105 Small Desktop Computer 8G LPDDR4 256G

It's got he form factor and power requirements, and with the $45 of coupon I figured the extra $80 bucks was worth it over the Pi

Hope I'm not mistaken.


User-inserted image

Well we did it, first Con presentation guessing maybe 50ish people at the panel. Got to demo some parts on Arc, adding servos, scripts as well as other droid building topics.

New mele SBC kept BD-1 running well I have one gripe, the Bluetooth won't connect to anything. Seems to see things but refuses to connect. Stuck a spare asus bluetooth usb adapter in and that works great so it must be the adapter.

Got about 4 hours out of my battery, couple of times over the weekend I pushed it and the batteries died, mele took the hit pretty well and was fine on power up which is pretty fast.


Dude! That’s a great photo! Serious. With the robot hanging out your backpack is friggin awesome. Sounds like a great event and turnout for your talk. You put a lot of effort into your builds so it’s well deserved. Glad to hear there was only one hiccup.

thanks for sharing and most of all thanks for demoing arc!


Nice. Congratulations. It looks and sounds like a great time.