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Need Warning In Tutorial About Running On Ac Through Charger

The tutorials need to highlight NOT running on the charger. Apparently it can damage your batteries?!

If this is correct, you should make it very clear.

I understood the importance of not discharging the batteries too far. It seemed obvious to me to just do my work with it plugged into the charger, but several of the threads indicate that it could cause damage.

You may also want to consider adding an AC adapter to the kit or making one available on the website, perhaps one that runs below full battery voltage so you can float without risking damage.

Bob O


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  1. Yes - this is correct and applies to any battery charger. I will have the lesson updates for that information. Never anything on a charger - unless it is specified as being okay, such as some usb chargers for phones, etc... Anything that has an AC/DC charging adapter should never be run on a charger.

  2. AC Adapters will not be available because revolution ezrobots are not designed for an AC adapter due to size constraints and to keep the price low. You may purchase additional an LiPo Robot Battery 7.4v 1300mAh in our store.

  3. It is impossible to run your batteries below the recommended threshold unless you have disabled the battery monitor for some reason. It is not recommended to disable the battery monitor. Never disable the battery monitor on revolution robots.

Here is the updated Battery Care and Charging lesson link with your suggestion:

PS, please follow the Terms Of Use for marking threads as "require assistance".


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EDITED POST: I see DJ updated the tutorial while I was writing. Man that guys fast:D. I deleted the link I supplied as it was the same as what DJ supplied in post #2.

Something you might find useful. If you ever consider buying a power adapter or power converter to connect directly in to the EZ-B for bench testing, apart from correct voltage (about 7.5V for EZ Robot servos is good), make sure it supplies enough current. A 15 amp to 20 amp one should be sufficient to run servos ect, as servos need that extra kick when they start moving. Basically the more servos that move at the same time, the more amps are needed.

Hope this helps.:)



I used the "require assistance" because I cannot change what I thought was a significant problem with the official tutorial. I actually read it and debated both whether to use it and which check boxes for categories. Rest assured I will read it again next time I consider using it.

Regarding your point 3), I only mentioned it because the discharge seemed the major focus of that tutorial and I wanted to let whomever responded know that I had in fact read it thoroughly before my post.

Thanks for the responses and the correction. I have told anyone who will listen about both your product (delightful so far, and an amazing price point) and the HUGE value add that these community forums and your users like @Steve_G and @Rich add to the experience.

Bob O