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Need Some Sabertooth 2X60 And Ez-B Help

I seem to have a problems When I use my sabertooth 2X60 with the ezb. I set it up like I would use it from my RC unit, use the mod servo Movement Panel and well it does not respond at all... So I set up the ARC as 2 different servos and it works like a charm.....Now I look in the tutorials page and it says to use it as simplified serial and when I set it up this way both wheels move the same direction reverse = reverse + reverse left = reverse + reverse forward = forward + forward right = forward + forward

I use it with jazzy chair motors and my RC controler with out a problem but I have 2 ez-boards I would like to use one of them on this guy......

I know its something Im doing wrong but at this point I dont see it..... Any help would be great


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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Hello, Under ARC you can select Sabertooth as your motorcontroller. Press the question mark, and follow the instructions:)

PS, that looks like a great tool for moving heavy objects around! You should market your product and make it affordable - rather than the expensive ones floating around.


Hey DJ that did not work. Both wheels move in the same direction when you turn right or left as if you are going forwords or backwards it acts like it a single motor controller not a duel motor controller ....

I'm doing a full update and firmware update on my software and see if that helps, but I will not know until tonight if this fixes it. To hot to do any more work out side in the heat 107f today.......

And yes its is a real trooper on my farm, the family calls him wheelie ( my son named him) I call it a Mule bot because it takes on the heavy loads like straw, hay, dirt and water. its been over 100f here in KY for over 3 weeks and I strapped a 55 gallon plastic drum on him and he took it to my garden wile my hose was being used else ware on the farm only one slip up hill...Im getting ready to have enough parts to make a second one for my dads farm


Well I just found the problem I think. The right and left values are set the same as forword and reverse. Im going to make some changes and see how it works.... its the simple thing we over look that get us.......I will update once I give it a try......


Under the CONFIG menu, you can configure your configuration. Every control has a CONFIG button. Use that button on each control to personalize the control for your needs:)


Bingo that got it working... You know I looked at the settings at least 10 times...... This bad boy will be up and running on the ez-b tonight with my laptop, flash lights, and a camera..... yee-haw....... Once I get it up and running close to the way I hope it will, I will up date you guys.......

I do have 2 questions

  1. do you guys sell stickers I can put on my robots once they are complete.
  2. can you suggest a good GPS to add on it....

Hehe, stickers seems to be a popular question lately! I'm working on it - don't have a timeframe yet

As for a GPS - any serial/usb GPS that operates at 9600 baud will work. I don't know much about the different models. I know that each model has a different accuracy range. The most recent one i bought is the latest chipset and apparently has 2 meters accuracy. It's okay, i haven't used it a lot... but it works:)