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Need Older Copy Of ARC

I have an Io Tiny project which will be run in a barn. I don't believe a tablet can run the project because of the scripting and I want to run audio thru the Tiny to a sound system.

Due to the location, security and environmental issues, I prefer to use an old Dell 4700 computer which is running XP and has 2 gig of ram. ( was stored in the barn LOL). I don't want to upgrade this machine.

Is there any way I can get an older copy of ARC, (1 to 2 years old) which I can then install? I believe old versions of ARC could be run on this machine.

Ridicule and Harassment will be accepted.

Please note: I do use Win 10 and the latest software on my latest projects....


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You won't be able to run an IoTiny project on an ARC version that old.


Oh well I guess I loose an EZB instead. I need to make this work. I can run the audio from the computer. I will need to find an old copy of the project with the correct audio script for an EZB or rewrite the script to go thru the EZB.


Ron, email sent. I dont have good dates on these as they were all copied to my NAS but I have a few old versions available to you.


If you get a version that can run on XP there is very little chance it can control the iotiny.


@ CochranRobots was kind enough to send me a bunch of older copies of ARC but they are not able to run on XP.

Does anyone have an old copy of ARC which will be XP compatable?

I plan on using an old EZB instead of the IO Tiny because I assume the old software won't run the IO Tiny. The project is the Madame Ninndo I built a few Halloween's ago. I need to run it in client mode and use audio from the computer.

Any other ideas how this project can be run will be appreciated.


The last version that I know of that supports windows XP is the release from 12.1.2013 but to my knowledge that has no support for the EZbv4, as it only supported the EZBv3 (the blue tooth version). Are you using an EZbv3?

Honestly, with the low cost of Windows 10 desktop and tablets I'd consider upgrading. I did a quick search and I can find Windows 10 refurbished desktop for $130. You can get a low end table for around $100.


Thanks, I had hoped I could find an XP compatable version. I will try to find something with win7 lying around, I may have to look into a new or maybe a used machine.


If you are looking for something that can stand up to the elements for a decent price, see this eBay listing for Panasonic Toughbook CF-30

I run Windows 10 and EZ-B on one of these and it runs great. It has a good loud built in speaker, but it does not have a microphone, so you would need to add one (has USB or mini-RCA audio input).

$199 is a great deal for this. I was thinking about offering you mine for that price, but the touchscreen on mine won't stay calibrated, so the ebay listing is a better deal (and now that I am extolling its virtues, I am thinking of a new project to use mine in).

Note: the screen resolution is not high, so you would not want to do your EZ-B development on this, but it will run fine. It will also boot up and run with the top closed, so would make a good headless unit.



Thanks Alan. Sounds good. I will look into it.



@Andy Roid Don't cheap out.. Buy a Win10 PC... Buy an outdated Win 7 PC and sooner than later you will need to buy a Win 10 machine to continue using ARC....


Hi Richard... The issue is the Barn isn't secure and I prefer not leaving a good computer where it may get "borrowed". It is only for running Madame Ninndo and won't be used for anything else. Anyway I will let you know how it works out.

Dj, thanks for the options. I may get something new to run it .


Is there a camera on the robot? Or is it just moving servos around? What's the usecase for it


Mainly just servos, and a digital in. It's the Fortune Teller cabinet I built 3 years ago. We want it to play and make random statements and movements. All easy with the personality generator. I may add an ultra-sonic sensor also.


Man that's awesome - totally deserves an affordable windows 8/10 device from gearbest.


You guys are tough...LOL ... Ok I will get it running with the "GOOD" stuff...

Thanks to all ...