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Need Info On How To Design Faceplates (Templates) For Ezb Mobile

OK fellow members of this fine forum. I'm looking for guidance, and procedures used to create nice looking Mobile App images and how are the button presses accomplished underneath the overlays ? Oh, and how are the multiple faceplates toggled ?


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The background images for the mobile interface builder can be PNG or JPG files. Even though Microsoft paint is, free.... it is totally terrible. So, I would recommend downloading a free image editor for making your own backgrounds. The free one I recommend is GIMP (Strange name, I know. but very popular).

Get gimp here:

Now the next question is how to make custom buttons and stuff? Well, that's the same process as making the background - however, save the buttons as transparent PNG's.

Last question is how to switch between "Faceplates"? I suspect you are asking how to switch between interfaces. Each mobile interface is a separate interface. You can have them switch by adding code to a button from each interface.

Click on Cheat Sheet Tab when editing a button. You will see at the top the "ShowControl()" EZ-Script commands. Those are how you have the mobile interface switch between them. You can read more about ShowControl() in the EZ-Script Help Manual, which is also in the software.

It's impossible to avoid the help manual, because it is displayed where ever script is entered. The help manual is absolutely everywhere :)

If you would like to see an example, load the JD project. His Mobile Interfaces are on the second virtual desktop (press F11 to view second desktop). Here is a link to read about virtual desktops:

Additionally, here is the link to the mobile interface help:


Thanks for the clues DJ, and I will read the HELP sections for the type of robots I plan to slap an (EZB4) onto.

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In addition to GIMP, Adobe Photoshop is free too (if you want an old version). Check Adobe's site (I would provide a link but don't have time to search for it).


Thanks for the info Rich. I've got Corel Paintshop Pro X7. Will just have to figure out how to use it to create some neat looking faceplate designs.