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Need Help With My Ez-B V3. Dropping Bluetooth Connection


I just recently purchased a V3 EZ-B and am having a hard time keeping it connected to my computer. My computer seems to have the microsoft bluetooth stack but I am not sure. It shows as intel high speed something on the uninstall section of the control panel.

I have already been able to update the firmware but now after pairing to my computer it disconnects after 10 seconds or so.

How do I connect the microcontroller with the ARC software?

Is it that I don't have the right bluetooth software?

PLEASE HELP! I am a noob to this but I really want to build an awesome bot.

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How are you powering your EZ-B? Are your batteries fully charged? It sounds like brownout behavior.



Cubco, what is the message that is displayed in ARC when the EZ-B disconnects? It will popup on the bottom of the screen. You can press the COPY button in that window to copy the text and paste it in this forum.

A few things to check as well...

  1. Disconnect all peripherals from the EZ-B before testing it (i.e. no servos or anything connected to it)

  2. Make sure your batteries are new or freshly charged

If you were able to update the firmware, the Bluetooth stack should be working correctly. Let's start by getting your debug message from disconnect.

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Four main things that can cause this...

  1. Power - Check you have enough. Check you aren't drawing too much from the EZ-B.

  2. Distance - The distance the PC can be from the EZ-B is limited. From memory it's around 10 meters at best.

  3. Interference - Check nothing else is interference with the signal. Wifi, microwaves, cordless phones etc. can all interfere.

  4. Wiring errors - Check all accessories connected are connected correctly and operating correctly.


Sounds like he hasn't got that far to connect to ARC? After updating did you launch ARC and try and connect to your ezb board from the connection control dialog? Do you know what com port Bluetooth (Windows) assigned to your ezb board?

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@Richard R, good call!


COM4 is incoming (EZ robot) COM7 is outgoing (dev b)

The batteries are brand new, read some forums first and wanted to give that a shot before I posted.

Is there some procedure that I need to follow to connect the EZ B with ARC?

Thank you all for the quick replies... I can tell this website is going to be a great help. Happy to see such support in the robot community!

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Open ARC

User-inserted image

In the Connection control (top left) click on the top so the drop down list appears (Red box in my image) Click on COM4 (Green box in my image) Click connect (blue box in my image) ARC should now connect to the EZ-B which will be indicated in the debug and by a solid red light on the BT module.

If this works give Richard R the credit for spotting that:)


Rich will beat me to it with a jpg of ARC's connection dialog control... usually the first box you see when opening ARC.... in the first drop down box of that control select com4 then click connect button... if all goes well in a few seconds you will be connected to your ezb3...


You guys are amazing! Of course I tried clicking everywhere besides that box... DOH!

Thank you all!


Have fun dude, you're gonna' love the EZB... oh, and post often....;)

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Excellent, it's always good to see a problem solved.

Don't forget to mark the topic as solved and give Richard R the credit for spotting that (otherwise you'll get nagged by forum email often).


Done and Done!

Trust me you will be seeing more of me!

Thanks again guys


You're too kind Rich.. that will make it 9 credits for me.... I am right on your tail dude....:P

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Haha, yes you're right behind me, only another 185 to go:) If only it converted to beer!