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Need A Robot Head With One Eye

can someone get a 3D image of a robotic head with only one eye in it(camera). This would help big time. I have to buy a robotic eye/camra for this project. I also need to stack memory chips on top of each other about qarter inch apart of each other or 2/16 of an inch. Maybe 3/16 of a inch. Can some one create a basic kit for the start of this? I am not able to spend a lot. I have 50 bucks now but may change to more or even less. I don't have anyway of buying things online. i have to buy it from radio shack. I don't know of any other place i know of (in everett wa, usa) that robot/building material stress

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Upgrade to ARC Pro

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you could use some packing foam blocks to sculpt one to your needs, it's like 5 bucks and you can paint it for under 7-8 dollars total


You could make one out of a single Flash Light. It could be made to look like a cyclops.


I just found a robot head although it used to be a hand held steamer the casing is moulded plastic and with a bit of work it will house an ezb camera an ezb4 when I get them. a nano arduino and a lol shield for animated eyes. more leds for animated mouth.

look out for household appliance and tool casings they are often really cool shapes.

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Here is the original AIMEC robot that had just one eye.

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I hope that it may give some inspiration to your design.



i have to get blank pc boards. Or have someone make them for me. It will also need voice reconition and be able to speak. i do have a drawing of the shape of the pc board that will fit. i already have an ir sensor but dont have any understanding of how to program it. im basicly buying little bits here and there but havent gotten any thing yet sick

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@oneeyedbot... Since you mention that you have no idea how to program... May I suggest not spend ANY of your money on those little bits you speak of... Not sure (you mentioned this a few times before) why you are so obsessed with stacking PC boards?.... What are you planning to do with them, anyway? You don't need any of those to do what you want... This is all you need... ARC software (free download) and an EZB3 or EZB4 board... put it in your bot, plug in your IR sensor and open ARC.... You are making this way harder than it has to be, dude... Just learn to use ARC software and you're on your way...:)


I agree with Richard, You shouldn't go buying random stuff. That's how I became a robot parts hoarder... ARC is simple and has everything you need. I started with no progrmming skill and made a wall-e robot! I recommend making a plan, such as what the head and body will be, how you'll make them, how the electronics will fit in and work, and then follow the plan. You save some money, and come out with a clean designed robot.

Here's some ideas:

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k thanks for that but still need a pre set of the body and other parts so it's already made parts like a hollow manikin or something so i don't have to build the body/ make it in a welding class that will take me a while on getting done plus this has to be all held off til i can really concentrate on it all. stress


also i was thinking of making a man hack from half life 2 video game it take a while for that to happen


i found a skull in wal mart but it isn't a one eyed skull but it would help me build a bit more it talks and sings a song it's when i can get it is just the problem

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Anthony I crown thee king of 3d printing and design! you have an industrial design background? Your ideas are totally awesome! If you have plans to make and sell those, put me down for one. :)


this looks cool and good mobility.

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i found this in my basement.

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would be good if you had a pic or drawing how you wanted to look.

anthony looks great for you collection robots.



i never though i would like an one eyed robot. but i like it very need to go big.


Anthony: The only person that can make a Cyclops beautiful.:P