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Need A New Chip For My Ezb Board - I Think.

My D0 port seems to be dead....I have tested with a few servos/devices and I get nothing. How can I get a replacement?


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However, if you wanted to test the D0 port the simple way is to connect up an LED & resistor to the Signal pin on the +ve side of the LED and ground to the -ve side. Then add a set digital control for D0 and set to on. Or run the following in a script;


Set(D0, on)
mine is doing the same thing. I don't know if I did something wrong, or it just gave out. It was working fine one moment and BOOM! Nothing. But, I am not blaming the EZB because there is no proof of what happened. Probably my clumbsiness.
I got mine working. I just re-seated the cpu into the socket and ALL of my ports came back.

Good Luck!

My problem is back! I cannot understand it.
Ok, problem is now solved thanks to Robo-Doc. I replaced the two rectifiers and same thing. I replaced the diode and same thing. Then , I removed the cpu and put it back and made sure that it was re-seated and BANG! all my ports worked. Hope this works for you.

Good Luck!

Great Mel! Awesome your back up and running. Are you going to mark this one answered ?
I can't mark it answered because I did not start it.
I will try and re-seat the chip this evening and report back tomorrow.
Sorry it took so long to get back...took me a while to get around to testing - all other ports work except for D0. I tested with servos and other devices as well....nothing! I checked my cable with a meter...scoped everything, etc.

Unfortunately that is the one that I need to control my Roomba base for my bot.

I was hoping that I could get the EZ-Robot team to send me a new chip...but they asked me to send the entire board back...not sure how long that will take.

But that is where I am at right now, so no, it did not work.