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Natural Movements During Social Interaction.

This paper is very interesting! I grant you that this may be for more advanced robotics people but everyone can get something out of it for thier robot script or AI. See also the other supporting documentation in the reference section too. "Conversational Gaze Aversion for Humanlike Robots"

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Thank you Troy! I have added that to my Robot research file. As I have a "chat bot" , FRED, that behavior will be considered:) Weird................I tried not to look at your avatar pic while writing this ;)


Your welcome. heh (looks away)


Fleeting glance ----> VS <----- Recognition nod


I have a background in psychology (undergrad degree) and I really like the idea of applying these psychological principles to robots. It sounds quite advanced to get a robot to do these things... but this makes me think about the possibilities, like a therapy bot to help people who need to talk. Like Alice but a robot!

Pretty neat find!

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I've been reading that on and off (when I have time) for the past 2 days, great ideas for adding to Melvin when I finally get him up and running. I've finally started to get his attitude sorted now (varying responses depending on his "mood"), so this will add in a whole lot more realism and life like behaviour to the mix.


I'm glad this has sparked some imagination for your bots.:) The supporting material in the paper was good reading too.