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Myo Armband


a really short question:

Can i controll the JD with 2 x MYO Armbands?

Or for later can i controll the left arm with one MYO and the right arm with a MYO but his time from a InMoov?



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Hi Boris... nice to see you here from the inMoov forum.... Yes you can control your inmoov arms with 2 x Myo's on your arms....

Wow... you have an Ultimaker 2 printer..... very nice, I'm jealous:)
Hi DJ,

thanx for your answer, so i will buy two MYO!

Hi Richard,

nice to see you again! Yes you give me so good informations about the EZB4, thats why i am now here.

So DJ, say thanx to Richard, because he was catching a new customer ;-)

Ultimaker 2 is great, but i need two or three of them. With one it takes so long to print. :-(

PS: How i can mark this question as solved?
@Boris... Take your time learning the ezb4.... if you have any questions you can always ask here... Once you get the hang of using the EZB4, you will see why I like it so much better than arduino..... I mean no offence to the guys using arduino for their inMoovs, but if they could take the time like you are to get to know the ezb then maybe they would also see how powerful it really is.... It's not a toy for beginners like Gael suggested.... and we do share code samples/examples and other stuff on this forum...

There are a lot of guys on here who are building or have built inMoovs so there will be lots of people to comment or help out....

The new Myo Control that supports multiple Myo's is scheduled to be released this weekend:) A few days and you will be able to support as many Myo's as you own!
Oh okay, That is Excellent news. I will look forward to the release.

Thank you for the quick response.
@Alt.Showcase the update for multiple myo is delayed until tomorrow
@DJ Sures My ARC Software says it is still up to date, but when I try to add a second Myo I get the same notification, stating that I can have only 1 Myo per project.

Thank you
cannot find latest info on connecting second myo armband wondering if it now possible as I get error "only one per project allowed "
Before I take advantage of special offer today on armband
Thank you