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My Introduction

Hi, My name is John. I have been reading the posts every day now so I figured I should introduce myself. I am an electronics technician, I like to say I know enough about electronics to be dangerous:) I am working on a robotic arm that I have to say without my EZ b I would have gving up a long time ago. It's the one thing that I have come accross in electronics that really lets you just create anythingi without bogging you down with too much technical stuff. I can't wait till I get V4 board, but for now my V3 is plenty. Thanks DJ fand the EZ robot team for putting this together. Sorry for the typos


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"Welcome" John (although you've been around a while - didn't I guide you the right way with ADC stuff a while back?)

We are pretty lenient on typos etc.:) Enjoy yourself!


Yes you did thanks. Funny that you replied right away because I was hoping to get your help with ,guess what, more ADC stuff.

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I'm always here:)

What do you need to know about ADC?

#4 I purchased this a to d converter, it said it could be used with any microprocessor, but the info giving seems like its for ardu**o. I am not held up , but I would really like to get this working to increase the a to d resolution and reduce wiring. I fall under Non-Programmer, so I don't know where to start.

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You'll need to use the I2CWrite and I2CRead commands to use it.

How to use should be in the datasheet and if not you may be able to reverse engineer the arduino code to figure out what's needed to get the info out. To be honest, I avoid adafruit I2C stuff since their documentation isn't the easiest to follow.

From past experience with adafruit stuff you will probably have to send a bunch of commands to the device using the I2CWrite command before it will let you do anything. The readings from it would need to be stored as variables using the I2CRead command.

The EZ-Script manual (on the right of every EZ-Script dialogue) explains the I2C Commands and how to use them.


Thanks Aameralis, I don't have anything to show yet,but when I do I will. @Rich , maybe I'll see if Adafruit will have any advice.