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My Ez-B Isn'T Powering Up

I've got the developer kit, this is my first time trying to build a proper robot. After putting in the batteries to the holder and connecting it to the power shell (the ez-b was already in the shell) it is supposed to just start up, but it hasn't done anything so far. No sound, lights, anything. I've tested the rechargeable batteries (they're new anyway) and they are working. I've checked and re-checked the cable from the battery pack is connected correctly to the socket adaptor and wires are securely screwed in. I've opened the shell and the EZ-B, and can't see any fault with the connections. I'm an electronics technician and I'm on the verge of going into work just to get my multimeter.

Can anyone suggest something that I might have missed?


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Because you said that you checked the batteries, I assume that you have a voltmeter or multimeter? If so, can you check what the voltage is coming out of the battery pack wires and let us know? You can do this by checking the screw terminals on the power adapter?
If you are getting about 7.6 volts or so then, can you check the voltage on the barrel side of the power adapter? Again, you should be getting about 7.6 volts or so.

Next is the power base. Check the voltage from the little red plug on the top of the base. Again, you should be getting about 7.6 volts or so

From there, can you plug back in the EZ-B and then check the voltage from one of the sets of pins on the left side of the EZ-B or digital pins. You will check any black pin to a red pin. You should get about 7.6 volts.

Please report the voltages. This will tell you where in the power chain the issue is. It could just be a fuse that is in the power base, a bad power barrel or loose wire on the battery holder.

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Hi, thanks for the quick response. As I said already, my multimeter is at work, so I checked only that the batteries were working by plugging them into a light that I know the voltage use of, nothing more. I already opened the power shell and checked the fuse, it seems to be perfectly connected and is not broken.

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I didn't really want to go into work to get my multimeter on my day off to use for a personal project. I was mainly wondering if anyone else had encountered this problem as to why it won't work when it's new.


You have the polarity correct? Plug connected to the batteries correctly?

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Right, I'm now in work with my multimeter.

The battery connector plug says that there is just over 8V coming out. I've checked and the batteries are all definitly 1.2V

The power shell connections are going all the way through from the battery socket to the metal pins in the red box.

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Don't know what happened in me bringing it to work, but it's now started up :/ I haven't changed anything since I was at home, but it's now on at least.

Thanks guys x confused

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Is there a "spontaneously started working" option? Instead of leaving it unresolved?

If it stops working when I get home I'm going to be annoyed :/


Check the magnets inside of the EZ-B case to make sure that they are firmly attached (if it has them). Also, I wonder if reseating the fuse solved the issue. IDK. Possibly also bend out slightly the pins for power from the base to the back of the EZ-B. There may not have been a good connection there I suppose.

The digital pins are not voltage regulated, so you can always check the digital pins for voltage to see if the same 8V is making it all of the way through the board to the pin.

No, this isnt a common problem, or you would see a lot of posts about it in the community. I suspect that there is a loose connection somewhere in the mix, probably where the connections between the different components are involved.

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The battery holder has such a tight grip on some of the batteries that the spring isn't strong enough to push the battery right up to the positive connection on a couple of the side slots where the holder has extra grips:P

Thanks for the help ^.^

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Thanks for the help, I'm glad that if I need help there is this forum xx:P