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Resolved Resolved by robo rad!

My EZ-B V4/2 Wi-F Has Steady Blue Light And Say Connection Error

My EZ-B v4/2 Wi-F has steady blue light and say connection error.  Tried reset button but it does not do anything.  I do not have anything connected to the EZB v4/2.  Does anyone know the reason why?

I am using the current free version of ARC.  

Thanks in advance.  PS, I hope to be getting a member subscription hopefully by April.


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Ya that happened to me too last week,on testing it is the bottom board with the sound that is blown ,I can only get a flashing blue light and will connect to the server still but on software it keeps disconnecting after 3 seconds with error message.No more sound either. If you still get sound then it could be your top board the Comm board.
Hi Robo Rad.  Funny thing is it happened to two of my EZB v4/2.  I got my old top EZB v4 and it now works.  I wish i knew what happened and why it did that. 

Now my question is can I use the current Free ARC Firmware on the EZB v4?  

Thanks for you answer Robo Rad.

Thanks Robo Rad, using the old EZB v4 worked.  And the new firmware is only for EZB v4/2.  Going to open a new question if it we work with the new Free ARC.

Hello all,  Can I use the EZB v4 with the current free ARC?

Thanks in advance.
#6   — Edited
Thanks Dave.  I am able to get the blue light blinking and I can connect  with Wi-Fi of the EZB v4 in the current free ARC. However, I cannot get to the web page to change it to client mode, it say connection unamiable.  I have also reset the EZB v4.  Any thoughts?

Thanks and cheers

Edited: Here is the current firmware:  
EZ-B v4.x/1 Native Firmware ID: 31-53-0-0-47-255-58-57-56-37-37-38
Setting battery monitor voltage: 7
Setting battery protection: True
Setting i2c rate: 100000
EZ-B voltage is 6.488889120
EZ-B temperature is 24.33952776160016496C
#8   — Edited
Hi Merne,

You went to and nothing after you connected to the EZ-B network ? I assume you are running windows so if you go to cmd prompt and type ipconfig what is your IP address and default gateway? Can you ping the EZ-B ping

BTW Did you try disable firewall and antivirus ?

Edit: scrolling back up I see you edited comment and can connect with ARC ?? so what was the IP address in ARC ?
Thanks DJ. However. the video only show how to connect to AP mode of the EZB v4.  I say nothing about getting to the WEB page to change it to client mode,  I have tried resetting the EZB v4 and connect in the current Free ARC but the web page says Can't reach this page when I click on the round looking soccer ball.

@Nick, my IP is and gateway I cannot ping, general failure.  I can connect to ARC using
heh well for some reason port 80 is being blocked so I can only assume it is your firewall (But no no one blocks port 80).  I can only suggest grabbing your phone / iPad / tablet and connecting with that.
Thanks Nink, I used my cell phone and was able to get to the web page and put it in Clint wi-fi mode and it connect to my network and ARC.   Then I disabled my Anti-virus and was able to get to the web page from my windows 8.1 tablet.

Now for some reason when I try to disable my batter is low sound, it stops the low battery sound until I connect to the EZB v4 in ARC, then it starts saying my battery is low again.

I really appreciate all your help.

If I cannot figure it out I my just disconnect the internal speaker.  Although I'm not sure if it will slow the programming scripts down.

Again thank you!
#12   — Edited
It’s not the video I sent you to. There’s two huge flowcharts with debugging steps for the connection. Here’s the link again for reference: https://synthiam.com/Support/troubleshooting/Connection-Troubleshooting

the reason the battery is low message begins when you connect to the ezb with ARC is because the ARC project has the battery monitor enabled. Disable it in the connection control config menu for the project. Disabling in the web config disabled it on power-on. Disabling it in ARC disabled it during the project.
@DJ. I feel a little dumb, I did not read the opening screen about the connection control and I was looking for the older style configure button.  Not sure why you made a configure button look like windows minimize Dash(-), but it was my bad not reading the whole opening screen. Thank you for the help DJ.

@Nink, Thanks again!
The config is two dots, not a dash. The two dots is a common UI standard for settings or configuration:)

The alternative which was suggested by the company advising the ui change was the hamburger. Which is three lines. Thats another known ui standard. We canned the three lines hamburger because it made the screen look really busy and increased the users cognitive load.
Be careful disabling battery level notification though. It is there for a reason as LIPOs will be physically damaged if they get to low. Maybe you are plugging it into a wall outlet and only have a 6.5v charger but if you then plug in a 2S battery later and the alarm doesn’t go off say goodbye to the battery.
You are so dead on correct Nink ,my EZ robot 6 battery went low and I did not recharge.Next few days I turned on the 6 bot and the voice greeting just barely came on and it made this poof noise as the battery drained to zero. Then the battery case ballooned ,also charger refused to charge ,became garbage just like that!xD
#17   — Edited
Yeah - lipo problems like that are a big deal. I know EZ-Robot contains a lot of warnings in product packaging on that. Also, I believe disabling the battery monitor prompts it. Lastly, we did an episode on it a long time ago for The Robot Program @ 7:40

All, I think I need my eyes checked, lol.  I now see the 3 dots to configure the connection panel:D

I use a SLA 6volt battery and never thought about lowing the Min voltage.  I do now and will set that up. 
@DJ, thanks for the video.

@ Robo Rad and Nink, thank you both for your help.

I still would like to understand way 2 of my EZB v4/2's went bad.  Was it something I did or just the luck of electronics?

Anyway, thank you all! 

PS @ DJ, now I want a hamburger:)
Hey ya Merne sometimes if I get over tired I start making mistakes like not checking how much voltage I am adding to EZB input,I have many different batteries all different voltages and in my case. I added too much voltage to the EZB4 and I had one time bypassed the internal fuse at some time long ago and forgot.So I fried the lower board with about 20 volts from the Roomba while it was charging on base.I was tired and forgot to turn off roomba charger.