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My 3 Finger Claw Design For Ez Robot Evolution Robots

Took me a few tweaks but here is my pretty easy and simple design for a 3 finger claw... Oops I meant Revolution not Evolution....

Printed in ABS @200micron resolution
Printed on an enclosed Up! Plus 2 printer...
Print time for both was just over 2 hours hour
Print orientation on their side (vertical). Although it produces way more support material they just didn't print as well on their back... Your results may differ, however.
You may also need to do a little sanding




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I will probably after maybe a few more tweaks... I will send them via email to people who want them... I really don't want to put them on Thingiverse...
Fair enough, it's working perfectly... congrats !;)
Thanks.... So yes, I will make the stls available in a couple of days....
Nicely done. I really need to get a 3D printer.....

You can post STL's here instead of thingverse if you don't want to worry about monitoring this thread or getting random email requests for years to come:)

Hey Alan... 3D printing will suck you in sooner than later I am sure.... Anyway, thanks... I made a few more changes and will do another test print. If it goes well I will post the stls...

Many thanks for the great work!
there is no male clip on the gripper,stl ?
The servo housing is unchanged Nomad, you can obtain that part from the 3D files on the website here

Nomad, if folks are sharing modified parts, but not the other related parts, you can safely assume the other parts are not modified and you can still get them from the website under the 3D parts section. I know you've been confused about this when I have shared parts and you have asked where the other parts where.

Hopefully that will help you as members share more modified parts.
thank you justin.

for your explanation and time.
You are welcome Nomad, hopeful that information will help and others in the future.