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Must I Be Tethered To A Computer/ARC

Hello ,

Quick question for you all... Let's say I've written all the logic and functionality and it's working as expected. Can I disconnect the ezb from the computer and allow the robot without and additional input?


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You must operate teathered via wifi either connected through a network or in a private network to either an android/iPhone or windows pc running ARC.


The processing required for vision processing, speech recognition, GAITing and other advanced robot features require computation far beyond the level of a microcontroller. Additionally, if you could create an embedded computing module which has the power of a PC to attach to your robot - would be silly due to the energy consumption vs weight ratio. The robot would weigh as much as a computer and therefore require additional power. Bigger batteries, bigger motors, bigger batteries, bigger motors, rinse, repeat.

Also, embedding PC comparable processing potential into an ez-b style robot controller is very expensive and the ez-b would cost as much as a PC.

Thirdly, the chance of you upgrading to a newer phone, tablet or PC is much higher than upgrading your robot controller:)

So in short, it's very cost effective, energy efficient, and strategic to offload the processing to another device.


Understood, and it makes a lot of sense.


Just use one of those micro computers like they use in cars, that will require just a 12v source, and it wont weight that much for the robot. Od fcourse the robot brains should always be with robot!