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Multiple Servo Control

I had added the multiple servo control way back prior to Version 2013,01,16 to allow testing of multiple servos, a great addition. I then discovered that the following Versions were not "allowing" the multiple servo control to load all 14 of my unique saved files! ARC spit out an error window proclaiming it could not load my file because of an issue on certain XML lines. Using Notepad++ to "open" these files to see what was happening on those error lines I discovered that in all 14 of my saved files the culprit was the multiple servo control! The solution was to open all of my files with a know good, old Version, in my case 2013,01,16 and delete the offending multiple servo control. I was then able to successfully download the latest Software Version(2013,03,18) and open all 14 files!
I hope this helps anyone who may have corrupted or issues with their saved files
Big thank you's to Rich(as always, but NEVER taken for granted) Pat from Ireland and Gunner who pointed my in the direction of notepad editing!
AS DJ Sures says.... "this community rocks"


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United Kingdom
Good to hear you sorted it at last.