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Asked — Edited

Multiple Ez Networks Appearing

This is related to a previous question but that seems to have disappeared from the forum (it has been a few weeks).

Anyway :-)

I'm showing multiple networks when I attempt to connect to my boards:

EZ B V4-2A
EZ B V4-0F

It seems like one board will only work with one network. The other board with the other.

I would think there should only be a single network appearing.

Any ideas what's going on?


D. Scott


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Are they both in AP mode? If they are then each one will show up.
Also, here is a list of every discussion that you've started, to find your lost thread: http://www.ez-robot.com/User/mulberry/ForumPosts

As Bob said, each EZ-B v4 will host it's own network. If you have two EZ-B v4's, you will see two EZ-B v4 WiFi networks. If you have 953,321 EZ-B v4's, you will see 953,321 EZ-B v4 WiFi networks.:)