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Multiple Ez Control Boards


I doing the InMoov Project as I uploaded and discussed in an earlier post.

Some of you have every complex robots and probably know the answer to these questions.

This robot will have in the foreman alone 6 servos.. in each arm.

The head and neck at this time 3, the shoulder 2, and each bicep 2.

I will have over 20 servos and that does not include any sensors I decide put on.

I was thinking about placing a control board in each arm and one for the top. 3 total.. maybe 4 if I go mobile.

Should I be waiting for the newest control board. Can I use the new board for Wi-Fi which I really would rather do.

Can I get away with using current V3 boards I have now and add the V4 as the controller with Wi-Fi?

I am not even sure how to daisy chain these boards. Are they controlled off a master and link physically?

I would like to be able to remove an arm and test different sensors, like touch, or rebuild the arm stronger and test. A control board in each arm would make that possible.

Any thoughts on this?



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Yes Jack, you can mix them together. It's two different connections but it will work for you.:)
In ARC there is a small icon (looks like the chrome icon) to the right of the connection IP address, click it and it should take you to the EZ-B WiFi config page. You'll need to be able to connect (i.e. be connected to it's wifi or be on the same network/ip range as the EZ-B). Be sure to update to the most recent version of ARC so you aren't looking for something not yet installed. :)
Just to help clarify, you will notice the "connect" window in EZ-B has several slots. you can connect each one to a seperate board. They, then are all numbered. When you configure servos, etc. you choose which board and then which port.
I'm not sure if that is what you were asking but that is how I read the question.
The ezb's do not physically chain together. Instead, they connect to the same wifi network. The v3 uses Bluetooth, so the wifi network doesn't matter to them. Do not be alarmed, you can connect ARC to v3's and v4's at the same time:)
Thanks DJ.. After my order comes in I will probably order a V4.

I hope it will be in the same program. I would like to have the arms using the old V3 boards, with the master V4 controlling them all.