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Multiple Cameras

Hello everyone,

I am trying to utilize an EZB4 that is connected via wifi to a windows laptop.
I would ideally like to be able to start the program and have each camera automatically map to its respective panel.

I am running into the issue where each time I start Ez-Builder, I must manually assign a camera to each camera panel.

Is there a way to keep the cameras assigned to their last configuration?

Also, is this an issue with the USB cameras, or will an EZB4 camera do the same thing?

Thank you in advance!:D


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Use the ControlCommand(). You can find more about it in the activities of the learn section.

The command you specifically are looking for in the ControlCommand list is...


ControlCommand("Camera", CameraStart, [Camera URL:PORT])

The learn section can be accessed by pressing LEARN from the top of this website. It is also presented to you in the following places...
- Product page Getting Started tab
- When ARC loads
- In the emails
- In the product pamphlet
- When you created this question and agreed to the Terms Of Use for requesting assistance

Also, please ensure you are using the latest ARC. It can be downloaded using the SOFTWARE tab on the top of this website. Each time ARC loads, it informs you with a flashing window that a new version is available.
Thanks, DJ.

I believe that will work.

Could you provide an example of what to put for the URL:PORT variable when I am using a USB device?

Would I leave the URL portion blank and direct the code to a COM port?

Also, is there a quick way to find which port each device is using within ARC?
View the camera options in the list of the camera device and enter its name in the controlcommand

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In case you are still having continued problems with multiple cameras. I was able to setup my camera's by using the learn/activities as Dj posted here in help request.

Mutiple Camera's