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Multiple Bluetooth Devices And Interference?

Morning All

I searched the forums but didn't find an answer. I want to use another Bluetooth device to send two tracks to the sound system in my robot (independent of EZ). Would such transmissions interfere with Bluetooth communication to the EZ Board?




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That should not be an issue. Multiple bluetooth devices can be active within the same physical area without causing RF interference.
I agree with Robot-Doc, it should not cause a problem. BUT, one of my laptops (an HP6510b with win7) looses Wi-Fi signal every time I use the USB wireless camera dongle on that laptop or near it. I have not had an issues with other laptops. It's not directly related to Bluetooth devices, but it is an odd signal issue.

What Bluetooth sound system are you using? I keep looking at different Bluetooth speakers but can't make up my mind yet. :)
United Kingdom
I'll echo Robot-Doc and say it shouldn't be an issue but will add that it could be. It's one of those things that you just have to try and hope for the best. Some poor quality devices (dongles, etc.) lose signal easily while other better quality devices are fine.

I've personally had no problems using 2 EZ-Bs connected to the same Bluetooth dongle that my Logitech bluetooth keyboard and mouse connect to and the wireless camera which comes in the complete kit. Try it is pretty much the only sure fire way to know:)
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Bluetooth using a pseudo random frequency hopping technique. Each device negotiates what random pattern to use and jumps around the allotted spectrum generally 1600 times a second so it never lingers on one channel of the 79 channels so lots of devices can operate in the same spectrum without interference. Unlike WiFi which is a fixed channel system and is subject to more interference issues. However there have been lots of Bluetooth specifications just to confuse things.

Apparently one the best Bluetooth speakers is the X Mini Kai which in the reviews I've seen has excellent range and good sound quality for its small size. Easy to power with its internal battery or via a mini usb plug

Thanks everyone. I'm going to give it a shot using a Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter.