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  1. Yes it works. It's quite a complex process to get it working as it requires a virtual com port. Do a search, there is a topic regarding this however the results were inconclusive. There may be more on other topics but it's worth doing a search and seeing what comes up.

  2. Parallel you connect the battery +ve and -ve to each other and connect that to the EZB (so both +ve to EZB +ve and both -ve to EZB -ve). Series you connect one batteries +ve to the other's -ve and the other 2 terminals connect to the EZB. Google it, here is one (of many) sites to check out


  4. I can't help you on that one.

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That would be parallel which would give you more capacity. i.e. if both were 4.5Ah 6V batteries you would end up with 9Ah 6v.


what i was shooting for thanks. the adapter can take this right?


one more question

Have led here Total voltage=1.5+1.5+1.5=4.5

Can i use it on the ez-b?


Seems like the minimum dc voltage requirement for the EZ-B is 5 vdc. Most folks go higher than that due to the possibility of a voltage drop at start-up that would drop below the minimum of 5 volts thus possibly making the circuit components very unhappy.


I feel that wifi adapter can also be connected to accept TCP over a specific port, rather than a virtual com port. No?

We have some, but i haven't used it yet. I thought you can say "EVerything on port 23 is serial data" or soemthing..

That way, you just connect to the IP Address and port in ARC.

Like this..


DJ, are you saying in the connection control, where we usually select a com port to communicate with an EZ-B and an IP address to connect to another instance of ARC, we could just define an IP Address and port to connect to a WiFi enabled EZ-B as long as the port in the WiFi board is configured as Serial (TTY?)?

That would certainly solve the issue of trying to find a free/cheap and working virtual com port.



DJ,did you get wifi to work?


When populating the menu screens you assign the port number (i.e. 8090) or (23) as DJ mentioned. Then the IP link becomes ( or 23)


Thanks Robot-Doc, that simplifies things dramatically. Only problem now is that I need to buy a WiFi board, just when I had decided I would save the money and stick with bluetooth.....