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Multi Colour Tracking

Would appreciate if someone could direct me to a sample script for multi colour tracking ,where each colour detected would carry out a specific task.
Thank you


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The learn section has tutorials and activities to help you. I would suggest either using the search in the learn section or completing tutorials. Here is a link to the tutorial that you're requesting: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/64?courseId=6

Also, there are question marks on every control. Click the question mark to view the manual for the control.

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Thanks Dj
up and running,
could not locate" Auto Position action named point " has it been replace in latest version to " ControlCommand("Camera", CameraMultiColorTrackingEnable)"
in Cheat Sheet ?
What robot do you have?

Sounds like there's tutorials before this that you should be engaging with. Please visit the activity tutorial in the learn section and read a little more about ezscript and ARC.

Specially for this reason, that the question you asked about the ControlCommand() syntax means you don't know what it does. That's explained in the tutorial and best not repeated here by me because I won't do as good of a job:)

Try this one: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/23?courseId=6
No robot connected.
just wanted to display the amazing features of EZ Robot like multi colour tracking
without a Robot.
That's what I love about Ez-Robot you learn something new every day .

Thanks again DJ
Okay - what you could do is simply remove the ControlCommand() referencing controls that you don't have. Also you would need to change the sayezb() to say() to use the PC speaker.