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Multi Board Support For Robosapien?

Is Robosapien only capable of working on board 0?

Trying to add him to my multi-robot fleet but it doesn't look like I can use any other board #'s to run him?

It will be a bugger to switch/re-program the current robot on board 0 so I can make him work.

DJ thoughts?


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LUMPY are you using other IR controlled robots like robosapien


Nope, he's my only one.


HAVENT had the time to try my robosapiens to see it will work

ARE you using more then one Movement Panel for your robots.


I'm using Wii remote for all movement.

The problem is it doesn't look like you can assign board numbers to the Robosapien commands.

Robosapien(WalkForward) is the normal command.

I need something like Robosapien(4.D1, WalkForward) to make it work.

Unless I'm missing something.


I'll see what I can do :)


You're the best DJ!