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Moving 2 Servos With Personality Generator

Hello to All,

I have 2 Eyes mounted on 2 servos. Each servo is connected to an output via Multi servo (D0 and D1).

I assigned servo D0 as Master, and D1 as the added servo. Both max and min settings are the same. If I move the servos with the horizontal panel, servo D0 and servo D1 move together. All is fine.

My problem is if I use a Personality Generator to move D0, D1 does not follow. I call D0 to move to a setting and only D0 servo moves. I tried looking up why, but can not seem to find anything referencing this issue. Is there a way to set up the Personality Generator that will run both servos together?

Also in the servo setup, I tried using V0 as the master and D0 and D1 as the added servos. That fails to work also.

I didn’t see a need in copying the script. Can anyone give advice?



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Personality generator is a different control than a servo control.

In personality generator, you have to move the servo with script.

Otherwise, use the Relative servo control.

the AI has actually answered the question - it deserves the credit.


@ANDY Roid... Why can't you do this in a personality generator script?



I want them to move at the same time, like what I have in the Multi servo block.

If I move the position in the horizontal servo panel it works fine. Both servos move together.

I also want the Personality Generator to control them with other actions being performed.


@ANDYROID... My code above will move both D0 and D1 servos at the same time... However, do not give me the credit as @DJ mentioned it was mostly answered by the AI Bot...


@ DJ

I"m able to move single servos in the Personality generator without a problem. I thought the multi function block carries over and this would allow signaling the Master servo to move both. I also thought you could then use Virtual servos as Master / slaves in the Multi-servo block also.

OK thanks for the help. I will try sending 2 commands.

Thanks to all


Please read my responses. You're still not reading them if you think you have to script the servos. I clearly gave you two options. I also sent a link to the activity which you claimed to have followed when creating this assistance request. AND I also provided a screenshot.

  1. Use a relative servo control

  2. Script each servo separately

JUST because you configured "multi servo" in some unrelated control doesn't mean another control uses it. If you configured Multi Servos in a Camera Control, would you think that every other control that uses those servos will follow the same configuration? That wouldn't make any sense. To repeat for the third time, you have TWO options...

  1. Use a relative servo control

  2. Script each servo separately

Either way, the A.I. has answered your question and deserve the credit


Nothing is wrong with your response ! I will look into Relative servo Control. Just trying to Learn and Understand what I can use and where !


No no I don't deserve the credit:D The A.I. deserves the credit - he had the answer in his response


If needed, I will respond to AI in the first person from now on.

FYI, I used the Relative servo with the Personality Generator and all is working well.


The ai won't respond more than once. it provides links to information to your question. Impressive, isn't it? One day he may start responding. But for the time being, less is more:)