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Movie And Tv Bots

I thought it might be cool to see pics of bots from movies and TV - some we know very well, but some are more obscure. How about BB from 1986's Deadly Friend:
User-inserted image

Anyone else have any cool pics?


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You could fit two 120 ah 12v marine batteries in that thing , the base is ginourmous!
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User-inserted image
Deadly Friend was such a strange movie!!!! Remember the scene where she throws the ball at the old lady and her head explodes? LOL Totally caught me off guard!!

When I watched that movie a few years ago for the first time, i was not expecting it to be a horror. I thought it was going to be a cute robot dude... Boy was I wrong!
Another Horror movie with cool bots is Chopping Mall - also from the '80s.
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MY ALLTIME FAV MOVIE ROBO KILLER , EVOLVER. right next to Johnny 5 in short circuit
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User-inserted image

This would be the ultimate bot project
Hmmm, Handsome Robot!:)
Well the one I remember from when I was a kid was Rhoda played by Julie Newmarin "My LivingDoll" 1964
How about "The Lost Saucer"? :)

User-inserted image
Dude, I don't even remember that one! Nice Find!
Of course one of my favorites is from Dr. Who

User-inserted image

But my idol and all time favorite is B-9 from Lost in Space.

User-inserted image
I don't think any.of us have a house big enough for b9 lol
Actually ED209 is my all time favorite.:D
I can still remember seeing the commercial on TV for the new series "Lost in Space". It took for ever for time to pass so I could watch it . I was 9 and remember some of it. I had a Jupiter2 and all the stuff robot, chariot that followed a track. J.W.:)
Hey all,

I know I am among friends here......I always thought Muffy from BSG was like the coolest...but I gotta be honest.....after seeing him again...he kinda creeps me out now! lol

*confused* *tired* *sick*
Omg Steve! That clearly is a rendition of Omnibot 2000. I want my robots waist to turn ! ! I'm so adding that to the drawing board
@jstarne1 - use a lazy susan bearing and a heavy duty servo and you have it. That is what I have planned for the rotation of the waist and head on my big bot. The lazy susan bearing comes in a variety of sizes and can handle weights starting at 250 pounds on their small ones (4" size).
@ Bret I like it! To bad I.just glued in.the battery tray! Lol , not a big deal though. Nothing a dremel won't fix! Because of how I have done the battery mounts it should be easy to mount a lazy Susan bearing and make a "bottom" for the upper torso. We would for sure see how.steady.of a hand I got cutting a perect line around the torso though! Any ideas of best placement of the cut? Thanks