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I wasn't going to post since it's not exactly robot related but since it's for charity and men's health I guess it should be OK to mention.

It's Movember!.. Is anyone else taking part and raising money for men's health in exchange for sporting a badly grown moustache for the month of November?

If anyone wants to donate to it please follow this link and donate via my Mo Space. Anything helps no matter how small it is. You'll also get to see photos of my badly grown upper lip hair...

Any donations are very gratefully received but please don't feel obliged to donate.

I hope it's ok to have posted this here, if not I apologise.


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Hardly, badly grown stash! Good on you for becoming envolved in a worthwhile charity/endevour ! and GOOD on EZ- ROBOT for donating as well!
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Just to bring back an old topic (no point in making a new one).

It's Movember again which means I'm sporting a furry upper lip again (despite it being a rather bad mo) to promote Movember, mens health etc.

So I guess it's time I ask for your support in whatever way you can. If you can afford to please feel free to make donations at mobro.co/RichPyke. If not then moral support is just as welcomed.

Details are in last years posts as to what Movember is all about, how much of the donation is passed on to the charities etc. and what it all does and means.

I'd love to smash my previous 3 years records.

Also, if anyone else is partaking in Movember it would be awesome to see how you're doing.

To follow my "mogress" or to make a donation check my mo space at the url above.

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Now that just makes mine look even worse!

User-inserted image
For all the hair on your head and not on mine, just let me have the better moustache!
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I'm just enjoying all this hair while I can!

20 Days of my Mo... (However day 1 was missed)

User-inserted image
@Rich, I've been trying to grow a 'stache all month but nothing's happening! Yours is impressive compared to mine! I think I don't have enough testosterone...;)
@Chrissi... I think we're all glad you can't grow facial hair... :P
But I want a festive mo'!

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So this is what you meant when you said you were going to revive an old thread the other day (and now get the avatar too). Good on you, and the mo is looking good dude. A donation is on its way to you now.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to have a mo, so K-9 volunteered. Keep up the good work. :)

User-inserted image

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Haha, K9 looks good with a mo! And thanks dude, it's appreciated:)
User-inserted image

here's looking at you. lol

I dunno John...that looks like a goatee to me ;-)
I was thinking of dying mine grey to appear more distinguished ;-)
Rich, I made a General Donation the the Movember Foundation through the link you provided. Hope that was how you were wanting asking us t do this. I was a little unclear as to how to do it and appear on your page.
United Kingdom
Thanks Dave.

However, to donate and it show on my page you need to use the "Donate To Me" button (which I've since made stand out a little more). No worries though, your support and general donation works just as well:)

User-inserted image

This is another link direct to the donation page (but you miss out on the fun of seeing my progr "Mogress" photos.

Once again, many thanks.
Awesome Dave! It's all for the betterment of men's health! I'm actually involved in a non-profit funded by the Movember foundation so I can testify that the funds DO some back to the community.
Thanks Rich. I should have figured that out. I'm a little thick and slow this morning due to lack of sleep. Worked all night last night.

On a side note, you should keep that picture of you handy. It may be of use to the police as a mug shot the next time your picked up. :P
United Kingdom
Dude, I don't get picked up, do you know how quick my car is?!;)