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Mouse Click Doesn'T Work Properly With 22 Windows Open

Mouse click doesn't work properly with 22 windows open. Has anyone experienced this? I am not even using all of the ports yet. But, I AM using Teamviewer to control the notebook which is a dual core cpu. Brand new Acer notebook with win7.

I intend to create a bunch of little windows and then make another program to control all of these little windows. Next I will figure out how to execute everything at once(may need someone's help on that.) , and then disconnect teamviewer while the notebook runs on it's own by itself.

But, when it hangs, I have to unplug EZB and go to the last saved version of the program.

Input requested, Please.




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That's an issue with your computer. Windows is a different program than ARC. ARC is a software program that runs within the Windows Operating System. You'll need to look into your cpu and memory usage to see if your hardware can support the configuration.


Your probably loading up too many processes at once , those netbooks usually don't have that much power and having 22 windows open is way more than you.usually have while a ez b project is running. If you are trying to be more productive with your project then consider building the file on a faster machine and then load it on your netbook just for testing purposes to see how your build changes work. Dual core for CPU only gets you so much when your front side bus is 400mhz or 800mhz. On my machine for example I have 2 GHz 270 AMD AM3 dual core but fsbab is 3000mz hyperthreading so I able to do.the build on the same mini ITX that runs the bot. So consider closi some windows or doing your build on more capable equipment. Forgive the obvious punctuation errors my phones doing weird stuff today.


If you can give us some information about the computer???


When i was talking about 22 windows, I am talking about windows within ARC, Not Windows.


Every window (control) is a tiny program within ARC. So the more you add, the more little programs you have running :)


Ok, all of the stuff I want to do works indiviually. But, are you saying I can't operate them all together? Is there a way I can reprogram to be faster and do the same thing??





Basically what I want to do with the robot is:

Run Antonymous without running into things in the house. It is 4' high, so I want enough sensors that it doesn't run into things. Have a chat like program that will give me time,date,day of the week, jokes, news, weather and also some pre-programmed sentences. to be able to follow me or the ball around the house. The compass and thermometer are nice also. Have the camera to show pictures as I control it over the net. The base is a Create, so it has to control the I-Robot.

But, this turns out to be quite a few windows. Is this asking too much from that little board?

I have bigger plans for later. But, these are just the basics.

What do you suggest instead of me getting 10 Cray computer all networked? I believe my computer is a new dual core atom Acer notebook. It was all I can afford.


I think I just posted in the wrong thread. I got it working pretty well using guidelines and restrictions. See my other thread on damaged file for more important information.