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Resolved Resolved by thetechguru!

Motor Wiring?

I'm wiring my hero robot to be controlled by the ezb v4. Attached is a schematic of my v4 showing how it will be hooked up.

My drive motor is a 12v dc to be controlled by an H-bridge.

My steering motor is a 4 wire stepper motor.

Does this look correct?



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It's a L298N H-bridge.
Haven't we had a discussion before on whether or not an H-bridge would work as a motor controller for a stepper motor?... I was under the impression it won't work or was at least a good challenge...

Wouldn't it be easier to just use a basic servo for your steering mechanism?
After further digging I believe you're right @thetechguru.
I'll play with it a while and if that doesn't work I'll go the servos.

Thanks to both of you!