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Motor Stall

I am running a gear motor on my robot's sholder. It is 6 to 24 volts (I am running about 11 to 12 volts) and draws 90 to 150 mA. I accidentally ran it past a stop and stripped the gears when it stalled. Can I prevent this from happening again with a fuse? If so what amperage should the fuse be?


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You might also want to think about mounting a micro switch at the end of desired rotation.
That sounds like a plan but since the motor is controlled by an H Bridge what would the switch control?????? If it cut the power to the H Bridge or to the servo how would one return power to it to reverse the motor. I have seen this done but can 't remember the wiring diagram to make it happen. It doesn't happen very often so I thought the fuse was a good idea but I don't know if it would work and what the milliamprage should be. Either a wiring diagram for the micro switch or the proper milliamperage would be a big help.
@bret.tallent & @Bookmaker - I'd also be interested in a wiring diagram for a micro switch to be used at the end of a desired rotation. Seems it'd be a good way to prevent over rotation on an arm.
I really can't wait to get my ez-b so I can validate, but you can use a switch as a sensor on one of the digital ports. I think you wire one end to the + 5 source and the other to signal. When depressed the port will give a true signal, when released (or shorted to ground) it wil read false. You would then, I guess, have a script that stopped or reversed your movement whenevwr thaf digital port was true.

Which H-Bridge are you using? How many wires per motor? Can you just set up a normally closed switch in series with the forward signal wire? This would kill the forward motion but leave the reverse signal connection intact. Wouldn't work with the BV4113 but I think it should work for simpler H-Bridges.
You guys are GREAT. These ideas have really gotten the old mind juices going. Thanks a bunch!