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Motor Load Detection

Hey DJ,

At this stream at about 13:15 you said you had the motors plugged into the ADC port for load detection,

How exactly did you do it? I would like to know for my omnibot:D


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Ditto I also would like to know specific how to on that. Also if I can choose what amperage is considered stalling because I'm sure with my bot weighing in nearly 20 pounds heavier I'm sure it will draw more.




Humm ? I can't get that one to play so I can't watch it .



At some point he just says omni's got motor load detection so if the load gets too high, he backs up.


I think that's important to have as the ultrasonic sensor will miss objects that are to high or low to reflect the sound back . J.W.:)


Hmmm interesteing concept

The way i would consider trying it would be to use an amp meter hooked to a sencer of some kind i think i have hurd of sencer diodes that respond to current flow if there is nothing like that i would try running the motors power lead though like rap the wire with another and monitor the power change in the coil it may not be a big change and probly vary little powor in the coil but there would be some and it should change as the motor draws more

in theary in my head dont know if it would work as i have not played with that stuff yet but i feel it would work lol


It works we have seen dj and other members do it , just couldn't remember where the how to tutorial was.

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Take a look at this thread I think it's what you are looking for. I tried briefly but didn't work for me so now I use a Hall Effect sensor which does work when roaming autonomously



Sounds like what I'm looking for , wish it was more specific as to what components to use and how to set it software


winstn60 it was your video I was thinking of . I wonder if you could just use a bumper and micro switch on an ADC port?

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Hi ww321q yes that would work with bumping into something on the base. My Omnibot gets stuck by catching his arms and head so this approach seems to work so far. Due to the problems I have had with connecting to my EZ-B v 2.1 Omni is in bits at present having a V3 board fitted to see if that helps then I can test it some more and report back.