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Motor Driver L298n Or L293d

Can we use the L293D H Bridge instead of L298N H Bridge? Is the ARC compatible with L293D? Please guide me as how to connect it to EZ-B...

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Do you have a link to a specific circuit board you are interested in that uses the L293D chip? Seeing the manual can help us answer the question.

If the board supports R/C mode (ie, emulates a servo) then the answer is most certainly yes. If it is a serial command, the answer is probably, but may require scripting rather than a movement panel.



Looks like you should be able to use it just like a modified servo (using the modified servo movement panel) plus a PWM control for speed. You will need one of these for each motor.

(The L298N drives two motors).

Looks useful if you have several motors to control.



Thanks a lot for your suggestion... I'll try that and get back to you...


Please do report back. If it works, it looks like a good inexpensive solution for my 5 motor robot arm(s).



My EZ-B is not receiving power... So gotta figure it out.. I'll get back to you once I sort it out... Do you know any way to solve my problem?


Hey Alan, I connected the L293D using the same Movement Panel of L298N and it's working perfectly fine... You can try that.. It's really an inexpensive replacement. But as you know, you can control only two motors using this controller...