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Yes that motor controller should work fine with the EZ-B. The DR 1 & 2 and PWM 1 & 2 along with the Ground terminals will connect to four digital signal pins on the v4. Looks like the logic is powered directly from the power input that powers the motors, so no need to connect anything to the middle digital power pins on the v4. It may need a common ground from input power terminal to EZ-B ground pin as well.

Then use a custom Movement Panel and script the motor direction and speeds using something like this...

# Assuming controller is connected to
# digital signal pins D0, D1, D2, D3

# Forwards
Set(D1, Off)
Set(D3, Off)
PWM(D0, 40)
PWM(D2, 40)

Hope that helps.


great. just ordered them. hopefully can get it soon:) cant wait to try em .


yup. that driver works . now to get the rest of the movement script. btw, how to tackle the speed in the custom Movement Panel ?

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Use PWM to control speed. The higher the PWM the faster the motor should spin.

The tutorial/learn page for the custom Movement Panel explains how to give speed control here


i did read it but not really detailed. i have zero scripting knowledge. Im still dont know how to script in. how to make it goes reverse ?

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For reverse, if your using the same script as what's in post #2, change the set digital commands (Set D1 and Set D3) from Off to On.

Also, in post #2, changing the PWM values (which are set for 40 in the example script) will increase and decrease speed as Rich mentioned.