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I can not pick the shipping method from the drop-down menu when trying to place an order using my android phone, vanilla Nexus 5, using the Chrome browser. Worked fine on my galaxy 7510 tablet; thats how I completed my order.


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What happened on your nexus browser that prevented selecting the shipping method? Did the drop down not display? Was it not selectable?


Tested , same problem on note 3 browser , it just doesn't allow a option to be selected once the drop down box is open.


That's funny because I use a Nexus 5 and I should have caught this - sorry! I'll be checking it out right away. Forgive me for not getting back about this earlier - I was in Vegas cool

I'll fix it but for now there is a workaround... it seems to me that if you click on "Shipping Method" instead of the box itself, you are able to switch the shipping method.


"I was in Vegas" best excuse ever.:) #Forgiven


What was happening was that the drop-down would show in a pop-up, I would then select the radio button for the method of shipping and then it would close the drop down and no method would be selected in the drop-down. I would then hit submit the order and it told me that I needed to select a shipping method.


You might check your Google Analytics to see how many drop offs you have for mobile devices and compare it to desktops to see if its prevented any orders being completed for users using a mobile phone or specifically the Nexus.


@leversofpower, are you able to place your order now?


Yup, used my tablet. Word on the street abandoned shopping carts are a serious problem.

On the subject of bugs. There's something funky going on with these reply text boxes. It's like I can't hardly move the cursor around to different parts of the text by tapping on different words. Weird, I've never seen this before on text boxes. I just keep tapping to get the cursor to move and it's annoying...


Sorry, it's a normal text box like every other website:)

We don't use google analytics for cart drop offs. Instead, we have a database table that logs the interaction with the cart and during shopping. I designed it myself based on our custom POS. We can view reports of how many times the cart was viewed before actually checking out, etc.

There's a ridiculous amount of reporting we do to optimize the website for you:)

As for the shipping issue you were experiencing, chrissi made some changes and I released them into production earlier today.


I do a considerable amount of a work as well. I haven't viewed the source but assumed the text boxes might likely be bootstrap css. Not sure what's going on with it. I don't have the vanilla Android keyboard; I use swift key. Ultimately who knows what's going on. The Android chrome browser is sadly lacking on dev tools. As a side note Google analytics is amazing. I used to do table logging for user interaction but now that Google is giving out the sugar, I don't go down those roads. I highly recommend it. Especially the behavior flows and eventing system. Oh, well, cheers and thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to respond. Eom.


Oh we use google analytics, just not for stuff that we can log natively. You'll see the google include in the HTML source.:)

One thing I've been frustrated with is android lately. The "on a whim" API changes between versions! It's impossible to determine what API to compile for as well. Cant blame the web browsers for having "issues" when they have to continually update their code to work


Well, we don't use bootstrap anymore, we use Foundation which I think is superior;)

I just tried it on my nexus and you're right, the reply box is acting strangely - you cannot move the cursor properly. I have no idea why that would happen, as it's just a regular textarea, but I'm going to check that out ASAP on Monday:)