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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Mobile Interface Servo Slider Positioning

When I position a vertical servo slider control on my mobile interface and upload the project to my tablet, the position of the vertical servo slider gets moved a couple of centimeters to the right of where it should be. The only way I can fix it is to position the vertical servo slider two centimeters to the left. In my case it is hidden behind another control and is unusable in PC mode. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I can send through some images if you wish.

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Different tablets use crazy DPI settings. Sometimes I experience that on my older Android tablets. It is also because the graphical widgets some tablets use are a bit different than windows. It's a small frustrating part of mobile app design. You can try playing with the resolution/dpi settings of the tablet. Otherwise you'll have to simply move the slider over and compensate for it.
I will do that. Funny that no other control has this problem. Even a horizontal servo slider is OK. My mobile interface is 800x480px.
It’s probably because a vertical slider is actually a rotated horizontal. There’s most likely some sort of offset in that tablet configuration. 

are you using android or iOS?