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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Mobile App Features

Has there been any progress on enabling Speech Recognition and Camera Object Detection with the Mobile App?
For one of my robots, I cannot use an Android device with the Mobile App because it doesn't have these features.

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Those technologies do not exist in the Mobile framework, and therefore can never be implemented - unfortunately. It's recommended to install a more cost affordable solution than a mobile device into a robot, such as a Rock Pi X or LattePanda. See the SUPPORT section for Compatible Hardware or getting started guide in the support section. The mobile app is quite limited.

Resolved using Windows devices but not Android devices.
My wish list for Mobile App is to have PCSoundCard working (as in EZBuilder version), Ultrasonic sensor functioning, Speech Recognition and QR code recognition. The reasoning behind this is that Windows devices are simply not available for visitors to use and control the robots, whereas Tablets and Smart Phones are.
Wow, thats a nice wish list. LOL
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Thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately there’s no development planned for mobile app. It is maintained for legacy product support. 

If you’d like us to develop a mobile app that suits your needs, let us know. We’ve been doing custom development for a few customers. Use the Contact Us to reach out!
Another good option, which gives you full ARC capability is to use a Windows computer either on or near the robot running ARC and then a desktop sharing application on your mobile device. You can still make the "mobile desktop" experience be your primary page in ARC, so when you share the desktop you have the simplified view.

If you are running Windows 10 Pro, then you can enable Remote Desktop, and for either Android or iOS you can get a free Microsoft remote desktop client.  I am currently using Anydesk to remotely manage several personal and family computers since TeamViewer, my previous favorite started charging locking me out thinking I was a corporate user and wanting to charge extortionist rates.   Splashtop is also paid but does really good video streaming.  Chrome Remote desktop is free and also works well for this kind of thing (advantage of Remote Desktop is it can work on a local network without either device having internet access.  Particularly good for a robot you travel with.  I have a small travel router that is USB powered so I just emulate my home network with it, but I believe there is a way to set up Widows 10 to act as an access point for a private net as well).