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Mit Gets How Much?

This is insane. $10,000,000 (10 million) for paper robots. I can't believe that. Must be an april fools joke, no? The quote from the MIT interview is interesting. Did no one do their research before wasting that much money during an economical crisis?

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I wonder if they've heard of EZ-Robot? I guess not:)


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What? That's a crazy amount!

I guess you didn't have that much money to start with ;)
$10 million over 5 years? In five years EZ robots all over the globe will be using these paper robots to light their robot cigars with! This kind of misuse of funds stumps me. I read elswhere that the government gave 5 univercities $6 million dollars to buy 5 bipedal walking robots from Taiwan because we are so far behind on these kinda robots. Its typical waste of money, when with some reasearch by the government they could find people that have done more for way less in their garages and basements. My 2cents.
How Bizzare!...lol
WOW DJ. Just think what you could do with your R & D with all that money!!!!!!!!!! Our country (USA) is in serious decline with all the crazy politicians and greedy corparations. I'm so afraid its going to take something like a war on U.S.soil to get the American people back on track! We have a couple of generations that have never know real hardships. It's so, so sad.