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Missing Credentials

I'm brand new to this, just setting things up on my first day. I am able to download the ezbuilder mobile app on my android tablet, but when I try to do this on my android smart phone, I keep getting an error message saying, "missing credentials", asking me to set them up in the Preferences menu option. I keep doing this, but after I save them each time, I still get this error message, and when I go back to the Preferences page, my email and password are missing again.

How can I get my email and password to be saved?

Thanks for any help.


after trying another dozen times it just worked. I don't think I did anything differently.


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Most problems with the app are because either it or your phones operating system are out of date. The app needs android 4.5 or higher I believe to work.
Doesn't sound like you are pressing the SAVE button after adding your credentials. There will be a popup telling you that they have been saved. Basic data entry of forms on computers and tablets will require you to press a button to SAVE the information. Let us know if you need additional assistance entering data into forms on your device.