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Mini Servo Tester

Check this bad boy out! For bench testing servos without all the other stuff. And Cheap!!!

ebay linky

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bret.tallent, I have one like it, very useful, I would say almost essential, see this incredible tool for making holes in plastic, wood, thin aluminum, rubber, etc. ..
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Hey, how about if we use this thread to share tools and accessories to our laboratories in construction of robots?:P
That's an excellent idea! I'll dig through all my links and contribute.
Do you think we should start a new thread called Handy Tools or something like that? Or keep it under servo Tester thread?
Inetresante would seem to me a new topic for tools, and the rest of guys are encouraged to share tools or instruments for measuring curious.
Of course I should say Mr. bret.tallent, since he was the one who opened this topic.

Here is something a few of you suing 6V omnibot batteries might like. A low cost LED battery meter.

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I found it on ebay for really cheap:
Battery Meter