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Mini Ez-B Pre Booking?

DJ / Allan,

Just curious if you guys are doing pre-bookings for the new mini EZ-B?

Interest list?


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I want one Ez-Board mini!:)

New Zealand

Me tooo....... just waitin' for the word!


Put me on the list as well.

Saudi Arabia

I do like to have one of these


Most my ideas for projects have been larger robots like dusty and Jarvis but I imagine somthing smaller would be great for walle or flying robots or my next tiny robot lol

New Zealand

Any news.... any one?


Last comment I saw was the Mini was delayed a few more months.


i just want to ask what is the differ between ez b v3 and ez mini :) ? the size and what too ?


Looking at the unpopulated board image included in the settings section of any control in the latest ARC release I would say it has as many Digital, and ACD ports. I don't see any i2C header pins or any extra voltage output pins for 5vdc, 3vcd or ground.

United Kingdom

I would say it has everything the V3 has, but smaller. I2C is being mentioned more and more lately, the last update had an I2C device update. If the V3 is discontinued then it makes no sense to stop supporting I2C.

But then it is all guess work at the moment. When it comes we will know more. Hopefully I'll manage to get one of the first batch so I can finally get around to sorting out Wall-E.


last I heard they are in the process of moving over. I imagine soon 'cause not having a main product to sell will hurt them financially.

I hope they come available soon! My rad is getting tired of waiting.


@Technopro, moving over from what to what? Are you saying you heard that the large V3 board is being discontinued and as of now they are not selling it anymore? If so seems odd that they would not have either product on hand to sell and keep the cash flow going.

@Rich, Your right again! I took a closer look at the unpopulated board image and there is a row marked i2C. It's hard to see as it's a small image and I didn't zoom it in. Sorry for being misleading. Also I think I also see pinouts for the other voltages I said weren't there.

United Kingdom

That's what we heard, the V3 is being replaced with the mini, it's in the topic Technopro started about the V3 being out of stock.


I don't think there is anything to be worried about. It's just a more compact SMC version, Phasing out the boat for the compact race car. They have said everything is/will be backwards compatible.

When I was looking at it at the open house it had all the same pin outs and such, just smaller.

I could a few mini's for Wall-E's.


Humm, then he's right also. They need to get that little board on the market As Soon As Possible. Gotta keep the money flowing!


count me in as well for a mini EZ-B ! My project is expanding and needs more Digital IO's:) Dang 5 fingered hands,wrist,elbow etc!:)


hey guys*** i just want to thank all of you for reply and i want to ask how i make wall e talk (i don't want to enter the computer be part in to make wall e to talk) so how !? blush


This would be something to post in a different thread as it doesn't have to do with the ez-mini topic.

Way one: mp3 trigger A little device that can be wired up to the ez-b to trigger sounds from an Sd card.

Way two: PC wireless speaker Bluetooth speakers are very popular right now. Find one small enough, if needed take the shell apart, and set it up in wall-e where ever you want. Then just wirelessly connect to it from your computer and bam! Done!

Hope this helps.


thanks but can i use easy vr (arduino shield) to ez b


Arduino shields are compatible with EZB but not supported. Shields will not stack like an Arduino to Arduino Shield will. You will have to figure out how to mate them together and interface. You may have to remove those off two sided headers with the long pins on the bottom and sockets on the top and replace with a regular one sided header and use jumpers. Or you could just cut the lower pin and use female to male jumpers between the boards. I'm sure there are members here that can help you figure it out but I've never done it.