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Just a query on Mindwave I get this error when I attempt to setup I understand as already explained it may not be fully functional, my question is this an error ezb software or possibly my pc.If this is under development I fully understand and appreciate what you are doing . User-inserted image

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I don't have a mindwave but mine does the same thing, so it's not just your PC.


VERY happy to see DJ add a interface for the mindwave and hope he add interface for EMOTIV EPOC eeg headset I bought both ,on mind wave it only uses one EEG sensor on the EPOC is uses 11 EEG sensors for $20 more.


DJ, is fixing this still on your todo list? Like the AR Drone 2, I am interested in buying one of these but want to make sure it will be supported in ARC before I spend the money.



Mind wave doesn't work. It will be removed in the next release - thanks for the reminder:)


Then I will not waste my money. Thanks.



ALAN dont give up ,i asked a friend thats a programmer and is is looking at EZ-SDK to make it work with ARC

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The SDK is a replacement for ARC. You use one or the other not both.


THERE might be a way to write in sdk and use ARC i will asked my programmer expert i on this

PLUS DJ said something awhile back on how to use arduino code in ARC and using I2C buss to connect to it. I did find a bluetooth with a I2C BUSS and mindwave does use bluetooth ,plus it might work for other interfaces that need a TX and RX interface.
Second i found a arduino for mindwave that someone is using to control a wheelchair ,its from the mindwave sdk site so only need to make EZB code with DJ IDEA

THANKS for your answer RICH ANYWAY


that would most likely be modifying the software. AKA hacking it. Not that i'm against it, but it could make ARC unstable and cause problems.

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Reverse engineering, or modifying the ARC software is against the terms and conditions of use, although that isn't what he is attempting.


I know RICH you cant modify the ARC DJ said how to convert ARDUINO CODE to EZB code to use less lines,it was on a spectrometer design i made using 7 digital I/O and 1 analog port ,he came a part of the code in a EZB script.

Thanks for correcting TECNOPRO AND making him understand what i am saying

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Wow, re-read my post, I clearly said that it isn't what you were saying.


although that isn't what he is attempting.

I trust you will edit that post once you realise you have it completely wrong?


Also i think BRAVIA is trying to make it work with PYTHON on another post about it

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Check your link, it is incorrect and does not point to anything related to the mindwave or Bravia.

I assume this one is the one you mean.


yes thats the one thanks RICH I found the link by search and did a copy and paste and can not see why the other link came up ,since i never had it on my computer and doesnt have nothing about mindwave in it ,so its a mystery how that link got modified


and yes i edit my post after i read you post again like you re-edit your and others done it too when they made a mistake YOU love finding faults in my posts i see

AND THATS WHAT THE EDIT button is for mistakes that every single person including you ,just like DAVE said very good comment about that nobody is perfect