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I was thinking this myself tonight (as I can get mind storms pretty cheap).

From the minimal research I've done you can but it's not easy. I did find a post about an NXT motor shield someone has made, it comes up in google if you search about mindstorms specifications or using mindstorms with arduino.


i was think of going directly to motor. I have an old RX1.

If attach to red and black on EZ D0 and plug in power to controller the motor just works.

No activation of D0 required.

That is not good.

I want the controller to turn it on for me not just turn at plug in.

I guess EZ black and red are hot upon power up.

Just got this so I am on newbee.

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To run a DC motor from the EZB you need to use a HBridge (details are in the tutorials). Do not just plug the red and black in.

As far as I know there are small PCBs in the mindstorms motors, I'm not sure what they do, it may not be a case of just using a HBridge.



I also have light sensor for line following.. Any ideas about usig that part?


hello all. I am very new to all this. I have EV3 motor and EZB4. How would one go about controlling the motors with the EZB4? I read a lot of forums but no one seems to have it down in one place, from "soup to nuts" basically. I hear about Arduino and brick pi maybe an hbridge, etc. has anyone have any documentation to look at that can help out noobs like me:(? I was looking for the simplest way to control the Ev3 motors from the EZB4 (sensors would be a plus but necessary at this point). Forward/reverse, right/left for a tracks or wheels. I like the Wilber idea and hope to get there, but again not sure of all the interconnections between the motors and the EBZ4. I like the software in EZ robot and would like to stay on one platform t drive everything else as much as possible. Even a list of "ingredients" (i.e. hbridge, pinouts, EZB4,) might suffice. I may be able to figure out what to do from there. it's difficult for a noob to take all this in from 8 million forums and most are very dated 2 and more years ago. Hope that is something that can be relayed. I would appreciate it and the forum is awesome and the EZ Robot software and hardware just as awesome! Keep up the good work.


There's a lot of different "motors" for lego - and versions. Can you be more specific? I don't have any experience with lego components, but i'm sure it will be easy. I suspect all you will need is a 2.5 Amp Motor Controller, which uses the 4 Wire HBridge PWM Control. But, i'll need more information first, such as model number or something that tells us what the device is so we can get technical information about the wires.