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Resolved Resolved by Jeremie!

Min Voltage For IO Tiny

I am working on the T3-DO project from Michael Baddeley Printed Droid.  I am planning on using the IO Tiny with MG90 and FS90R servos.  These are basically max 6V servos.   Does the IO Tiny regulate voltage?  My guess is no as I am pretty sure the EZ-BV4 does not either.  So, what is the min voltage for the IO Tiny? I don't want to use the EZ-Robot 7.4V battery because its too high.

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Look at this page, close to the bottom, look for the iotiny datasheet pdf file.

Link Here
Thanks, @Herr Ball for including the link to the needed resources!

For clarity, I'll include by 2 bits,:D @mstephens_42 You are correct.

The EZ-Bv4 and IoTiny do not regulate voltage on the digital pins. Both boards can operate down to 4.5VDC. 

You could use a 6V lead-acid battery or a heavy-duty 5V (20A) voltage regulator/power supply. You could also use 5 x AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

When operating at a voltage under 7V with the EZ-B boards you'll need to disable the low battery monitor in the Webserver ( and also disable it in the ARC connection skill settings. Otherwise, you will hear a constant reminder that "your battery is low".
Thanks Jeremie and @Herr Ball.  I am leaning toward a 4.8V NIMH 2000MAH.  The robot is small and there is not a lot of room for a larger battery.