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Microsoft Tts Voice Other Than Anna?

Hey guys, anyone know where (if any place) to download other text to speech voices for Windows? Windows default voice (Anna) doesn't really make it as a robot voice to me...:D


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Windows 8.1 on my new ASUS laptop allows me to choose female or male standard windows voices, although not very robotic sounding. My old Vista only had Anna.
D.J. said EZB4 would have a time delay voice feature to give a more robotic sound.
Steve S
I've dug into this a bit a few months ago. Anna is the only Windows Voice for Win 7 at least. I've tried other free and demo versions. The only thing I've ever gotten to work was cepstral. Please let me know if you find anything super cheap or free;)
the free versions mostly you hear first ,this licence is not purched and then your line.
Yeah, I noticed that but cepstral was the only one I ever got to really work right. (Annoying license nagging aside.) I'm also talking the US Eng version, I notice you are in Belgium. I do recall a few languages having a few voice options, like male or female but, not for the US Eng version:( I remember briefly being very upset about it.:)
yes i use cepstral too.i have two.one is david us old robot and other is female space .
yes thats not good.why not for avery country desame?
I don't care much for the Anna voice. It would be great if your robot has a female look, but most of our bots have a more masculine appearance. If you have Windows 8.x you should have a male and female voice option. Like most others here I have tried various free versions and did not get resolutes I was happy with.

I obtained another set of female and male voices that I have had working well with WinXP and Win7. I never tried them with win8.x You can't download them anywhere to my knowledge but if you are a regular here and want to know more send me an email at weyoun7ster@gmail.com
@Justin, I don't think those will work on win 7. I seem to remember trying some old XP stuff. I found a place on google that had a pretty vast collection of windows speech files and such and none of them worked for me. Sorry I didn't save the link.
I should have mentioned that I have Win7 home....so I only have just the one voice... Anna
is it possible to use a copie from someone?
Id love to get the voice of a Cylon ! ;-)
United Kingdom
My voice for Jarvis come from cereproc however it wasn't free, it was quite expensive but is worth it, pronunciation is very accurate.
I still just might buy David or Lawrence from cepstral, but waiting to see if something else pans out first...
here's an excample cepstral voices.
@Justin Could your email invitation to Antron007, include myself . I am currently using Windows 8.1 with the three provided voices which are not really what I would prefer! :)
Oh yes - I intended for anyone of the regulars here to e-mail me if they are looking for another voice.