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Microsoft Cognitive Computer Vision

every time I try to start the Microsoft Cognitive Computer Vision it crashes the ezb program! and it will not save the info that I put in ( have to recreate it each timeI reboot) was getting the ezb for my school bad advice?


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Give it a few days for DJ to take a look at it. I am sure that there will be an update to the plugin before long.


You are not alone @itclub, I too have the same issue, as do others. We've been reporting it in this thread so far:

Getting EZ-Robot was not a bad choice! You are going to love it and if you are using it for a school project or something are you blow everyone else out of the water.

Like David Cochran said, give the Vision Cognition functions a few days and watch for an update. In the mean time remember you can keep working on all of your robot's other functions including other vision processing like color tracking, face tracking and the Emotion Cognition plugin does not seem to have an issue.


Hello, Microsoft (not ez-robot) has changed their service without notice. Microsoft significantly changed the API and web config gui. They've also added an "End Point", which was not there before as you can see in the setup video.

The new plugin now uses the end point. Get the plugin here:

*Note: the Microsoft plugin requires a library to be installed. Please ensure the instructions on the plugin page are read. Use the mouse to scroll through the page, as the entire text will not fit on the screen without scrolling vertically.

Without the Microsoft Vision plugin, ez-robot still provides more technology than any robot platform available. Visit the learn section by pressing LEARN from the top menu of this website, select your robot and locate activities.

You also mention the ARC project is not saved. This is because it is necessary to press the SAVE button on the FILE menu to save the project. Saving the project is the same as saving a Microsoft Word document, or an Excel document, etc.. Simply press the FILE button from the top menu, and select SAVE. If the software was crashing due to Microsoft change of service, press the SAVE button before the service is used.

  1. Configure service
  2. Press FILE -> SAVE
  3. Use service

Hope that helps!