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Microphone In Raspberry Pi Synthiam Not Working

@DJ- I was trying to use a microphone but get a message that it is not suported in this version?
Are there any plans to make use of a microphone on the Rpi version of Synthiam.

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AI Support Bot
AI Support Bot
Hey there! This is an automated response from me, the support bot. I've searched other questions, tutorials and controls related to your question. Take a look at these links. They're all sorted by what I believe is the most relevant:
You can create a plugin, which is a custom behavior control for EZ-Builder. That enables you to add functions to the software.
I’m also sure one day we will get around to creating a plugin to add that functionality. The challenge I foresee is a reliable speech recognition system to use on the pi. There aren’t many. It’ll most likely have to be a cloud service hmmm