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I figured out the speech recognition by using the mic on the laptop to follow directions also I figured out how to add an external speaker onto my robot.

My question is, that I want to add an external microphone on the robot, how do I connect that to the EZ-B Controller? I tried connecting to EZ-B Controller tried the speech recognition but I dont think the system recognizes the mic. Is there a way to make it recognize?

this is the microphone.....

User-inserted image


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Hi GotRobbed. You cannot connect a mic to the controller. You need to connect a microphone to some other device (walkie talkie), FM Transmitter or something to get the line level microphone audio back to a PC for recognition. The EZ-B cannot do that. It does A to D and Digital. Its comms path is via bluetooth. No audio is supported by the device itself. The ARC software is where the voice recognition is interpreted and actions are taken.

For my project, I am thinking of looking for a wireless camera that also has a microphone that sends both video and audio back to ARC software. I don't know if the one DJ had for sale on here does that or not. It would be great if it did.

I know that the mic on my hardwired webcam works very well with ARC.

I hope this helps!

Best of Luck!


I see.

Thanks for the info, Time to rethink things now.....ha ha
I wouldn't try hard to put a microphone in the robot. It won't work. Too much noise from the servos, etc.